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Mrs Mouse as drawn by Jim Farris!
Mrs drawn by Jim Farris
Published Professional Author and Composer

Mrs. Mouse's mice links -
Meeses! Mices! Lots of links to Mouses!

Mouse chews a mouse hole to hide in!

House-Mouse Designs -
Using House-Mouse Designs, it's easy to "Eeek-Mail" an Internet Postcard...
and best of all... it's free! ("Hi Maxwell !!")

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Rat and Mouse Club of America -
Rodent owners can join the club, find out show information,
and be directed to other resources.

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American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association -
Nonprofit group promotes the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets.
Get membership facts, and a pet registration form, and free coloring pages.

Mouse chews a mouse hole to hide in! - Where the magic lives online -
Visit the Disney-MGM Studio
or stroll down Main Street USA on QuickTime Video.
With accommodations and travel info, plus books, videos, and music.

Mouse chews a mouse hole to hide in!

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Paula, the editor, delivers common sense advice, easy recipes, and cover to cover money saving hints right to your mailbox!
She'll even send you a Free Trial Issue for the price of a stamp.
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