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So, Just who is Mrs. Mouse?

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Well, my name isn't really Mrs. Mouse; I just write under that name.
I've been 'Mrs. Mouse' ever since we got connected to the Internet, oh so many years ago.
I chose the name because I tend to be shy.
I never thought about the connection of the name to the computer mouse tool until afterwards.

I was born in The United States, in Michigan, but have lived all over the country.
For a few years I lived in Germany and Italy as well.

I've held many jobs in the course of all that wandering.
I've worked in factories, bars, restaurants, and bakeries,
and sold books and cosmetics door to door in the rain and snow.
I've been a live-in housekeeper/cook,
as well as Chief cook and bottle washer for my own family.
I've had over 50 years experience in the cooking field,
and one of my passions is recipes.
I collect cookbooks, and love to develop recipes to suit my own tastes.

In 1986 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus,
and was told by my doctor to stop working to reduce my stress level.
He didn't prescribe any solution for paying the bills once I had done so,
of course, and with a daughter to support, my stress level did anything but lessen.
It was then that I was blessed with finding my best friend, my husband.
He looked past the ravages of the disease, adopted my daughter as his own,
and we became a family.

Since he is career military, we live a nomad's life.
We have lived in everything from a spacious home in the country to a camper in the woods to a two-room shack.
We currently call both Texas and Idaho "HOME".

I am proud to be a published author of three books,
and contributing author to yet another, with other books in progress.

"Mrs. Mouse's Menu Cookbook",
is a 250 page, easy to follow step-by-step guide for cooking Fifty-Three complete dinner menus,
because we don't eat recipes; we eat complete meals!
The reviews have been outstanding,
as you can see for yourself in this Sample.
It's currently available on Amazon.

My first Picture Book "I Can Grow!",
is an uplifting story perfect for Spring. It's currently unavailable for download.
But since it has been very popular, as you can see based on the reviews,
I hope to bring "I Can Grow!" to print in the near future.

If You're Gonna be a Monster - you gotta do it right!
was my second book, this one Halloween themed.
It was a joy working with Illustrator Kevin Scott Collier (Kevin's Website)
who really brought the simple story to life.
Once again, the reviews have been positive.
It is also available on Amazon.

Well, it has been very nice chatting with you.
I hope you enjoy the website. It has been lots of fun putting it together for you.
Stop back by again. Things are changing here all the time.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think of my eHouse!
I look forward to hearing from you.

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