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If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right!

"The title says it all and who would know better than a real monster -- or monsters.
A delightful story for any child who has ever been taunted by an older sibling."

- Reviewed by Judy Miller, author, HIDDEN TREASURES,
Web: http://www.Grammas-Tales.com

If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right! by Mrs. Mouse, puts a new twist
on the old idea that monsters are something to be afraid of, indeed, they might just be what a boy being bullied
needs to have around. With characters that come to life, vivid language, and brilliant illustrations, this book
will entertain young readers while helping them think seriously about who the monsters really are. "

- Reviewed by Author Linda Aksomitis, B V/T Ed.,
Web: http://www.aksomitis.com

The tricks and treats encountered by Bobby and his big brother Leo were far different from what they expected
in If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right! by Mrs. Mouse. Tired of Bobby's pestering, Leo
agrees to make a monster costume for his little brother, but the costume is a kind of trick on trusting Bobby.

Unexpected help comes to Bobby, who receives more treats than he could eat, and Leo learns a lesson he won't forget.
Young readers will appreciate the fairness of the ending of If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right!, by Mrs. Mouse,
and the bright colorful illustrations by Kevin Scott Collier.

- Reviewed by Kathleen Culligan Techler, author of THE SECRET OF PIRATE KEY,
Web: http://www.diskuspublishing.com/kathleenculligantechler.html

If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right!
Who else could say that but a big brother!
All Bobby wants is for his big brother to help him get ready for Trick-or-Treat.
All Leo wants is for Bobby to leave him alone.
When Bobby finally pesters Leo enough, his big brother agrees to help�but not with the best intentions.
If Bobby wants to be a Monster, Leo is going to make sure that�s what he is! Using household items,
Leo sets out to make Bobby the most absurd monster he can create. The only trouble is that the real monsters
don�t appreciate Leo�s joke, and let him know about it.

Mrs. Mouse has done a terrific job in capturing the imagination while being very aware of what a house with two boys is like!
In If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right! it�s fun to see who gets tricked and who gets the treat.
The bright, colorful illustrations should make the story attractive to young readers.

- Reviewed by Tara Manderino, author,
Whisper My Name, historical regency, Awe-struck, ebook and trade paper,
Soul Guardian, paranormal romance, ebooksonthe.net, trade paper December release with Cambridgebooks.us

Here is a rather cute little story of two brothers at Halloween time that teaches a lesson and entertains all at the same time.

Leo, the oldest is always being bothered by his younger brother, Bobby. Leo is playing a video game and doesn't want to help
his brother with his Halloween costume, even though he'd promised. After Bobby keeps pestering him, Leo decides to make
his brother look really silly. Now this might be enough, but Leo goes further by trying to make fun at Bobby with his friends.
That is until some very unearthly creatures decide to help Bobby and take over the chore of taking Bobby Trick or Treating.

If You're Gonna be a Monster ... you gotta do it right!, is an adorable story, told with wit and fun by Mrs. Mouse.
There's a lesson here that most kids won't forget, and the artwork is cleverly done, in keeping with the story.
No kid should miss this story�it has a great surprise at the end.

- Reviewed by Rita Hestand, author,
Nick's Baby, Wandering Heart, Pretend Mom, Strictly Business, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Courting Abby,
Heart of the Wild
Web: http://www.writers-exchange.com/rita-h.htm

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