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Mrs. Mouse's Books!

New Release: Mrs. Mouse's Menu Cookbook!

Mrs Mouse's Menu Cookbook

First Edition Print Version
written by Mrs. CW Mouse
ISBN 978-1-60458-969-6

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Reviews and Sample Menus

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book cover

"I Can Grow!"
written by Mrs. Mouse
illustrated by Moonstar
(Currently Unavailable)

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Monster Book Cover

"If You're Gonna be a Monster...
you gotta do it right!"

written by Mrs. Mouse
illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
ISBN 1-59872-088-0

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book cover

I Can Grow! Coloring Book.
Download the zipped PDF file Here!
(Based on the book "I Can Grow!" by Mrs. Mouse.)

Just For Fun:

"Snares are used to catch game; once you have
the rabbit, you can dispense with the snare.

"Fish-traps are used to catch fish; once you have
the fish, you don't need the fish-trap anymore.

"Words are used to catch ideas; once you have
the idea, you can throw the word away.

"Oh, how I wish I knew someone who had thrown all
his words away, so I could talk to him about ideas!"

~Chuang Tzu

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