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'I Can Grow!' Cover

"I Can GROW!"
By Mrs Mouse
Illustrated by Moonstar
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I Can Grow! Reviews

Review #1

I Can Grow, by Mrs. Mouse, is a wonderfully told tale. Its language is simple, yet lyrical, with a rhythm that matches the passage of time in the story. The artwork, by Moonstar, provides an excellent complement to the text. Bright enough to attract little readers, the artist provides interesting textures and shading, to create very professional illustrations.

Little Rock, the hero of the story, is a compelling character, with whom children will readily identify. As he moves through the seasons meeting various other inhabitants of the world, Little Rock learns how things grow, and how rocks can't. The ending of the story is extremely fulfilling, providing us with worthwhile themes of acceptance, and yet, reaching for our dreams, for we truly don't know who we are or what we can achieve if we don't try.

"Your writing is as open and honest as you are, Mrs Mouse, and it shows" said Linda Aksomitis, author of the Gopher Gulch folktales. "I can see through the story very much how you see life, and your values.
That's what makes good writing for children. Little Rock is a universal story! Great work!"

I highly recommend Mrs. Mouse's first book, and expect that there will be many more exceptional stories to come from this talented author.

~ Review by Linda Aksomits, author of the Gopher Gulch folktales
(Website: Linda Aksomitis)

Review #2

I Can Grow by Mrs. Mouse is a delightful story that is both entertaining and educational.

The colorful illustrations add a wonderful back drop to a story plot that gently teaches some very important lessons about nature, as well as accepting yourself.

I Can Grow is a bright, cheerful book that your children will enjoy.

~ Reviewed By Sheri McGathy, Author of Elfen Gold
(Website: Sheri McGathy)

Review #3

I got all comfy in my recliner, feet up, Diet Pepsi close at hand and I read I Can Grow! Then--I read it again. It is absolutely delightful--and now that I have it printed out, I can read it to my grandson who is coming for a short visit next week!!!!! Isn't it great how illustrations can make our words really come to life too?

I Can Grow is a delightfully written book for children. While it can be read to a child and enjoyed by both listener and reader, the writing is easy enough to be read aloud by young readers. It shows the determination to "never give up", and the belief children have that "all things are possible". The illustrations are charming and bring the words to life in a magical way.

~ Reader Review by Judy Miller,

Review #4

"I believe in giving credit where it is due," said Rita Hestand of 'Rita's Kid Reviews'. "Your book is lovely and you should be proud of it. I look forward to your next one! By the way, I have a small day care in my home and the kids here get to read [the books I review]. They tell me if they like them. And yours is a hit!"

Rating 5 *****Stars

Red Leaf is sitting in the garden enjoying the sun when something falls on her. Since it is small and almost round and brown, she thinks it's a rock. So she tells it, it's a rock. Then something falls on the Little Rock, it's Fall Rain, then something swishes by, it's Winter Wind, then Fall Rain and Winter Wind join and there is Snow. Little Rock is cold, then warm, then wet. Soon the sun comes out.

A Crocus grows near Little Rock, then a Daffodil. Little Rock tells them he can grow too. They shake their heads and tell him he can't. Little Rock tries and tries to grow.

Tulip comes out and lifts Little Rock high up in the air. Little Rock is thrilled, but Tulip tells him he can't grow too. Little Rock tries and tries.

A Robin flies near, a butterfly, and Wiggly Worm lifts Little Rock up for a minute. But still Little Rock doesn't grow, but he still thinks he can grow.

Ms. Mouse has captured the heart of determination for children and turned it into a wonderful magical place where wishes and dreams come true. This is one delightful little story your child won't soon forget. The pictures are beautifully done, and the story will warm any child's heart. A must read for parent and child!

~ Reviewed By Rita Hestand, author of Willy's Valentine
( Rita Hestand)

Review #5

I downloaded Chris's ebook for kids yesterday and it is very cute! This was the first ebook I ever paid for--well worth it :-)

~ Reader Review by Alicia

Review #6

Stars: 5 out of 5

I CAN GROW by Mrs. Mouse is a charming story about a little rock that is determined to grow and change into something spectacular just like the flowers, rain, leaves, worms, and grass around him.
As Rock watches the bulbs shoot up out of the ground and turn into beautiful flowers, tiny seeds turn into tall green grass, worms turn into beautiful butterflies, and rain turn into snow as the weather changes, he begins to feel alone in his little world.
He starts to wonder why hasn't he changed into something wonderful and different.

I CAN GROW is for children, but anyone who enjoys dreams and life will love it too.
The adorable 53-page full color illustrations by Moonstar captured my attention instantly, and enhanced the delightful storyline.

My three small children, ages 4 to 10, loved it!

The author, known as Mrs. Mouse, is married to a military man, and is a mother. She enjoys feeding the birds and watching things grow on her little farm where she raises countless adopted cats and dogs, chickens, and a large garden.
I CAN GROW is her first published book.

Follow Rock as he struggles to grow! Highly recommended.

~Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese

Review #7

"Here is my absolutely favorite picture book," says Christine Spindler.

Little Rock, a friendly pebble, envies the flowers because they can grow. How he'd love to grow, too, instead of just lying around in the dirt. He spends a whole year trying real hard. Some garden creatures encourage him, others think he's a bit away in the head: a rock can't reach for the sky and that's that. Tulip allows Little Rock to ride up on her leaves, but that's not like "real" growing, is it? The seasons change and Little Rock sinks into the mud where Wiggledy Worm keeps him company. Exhausted by all that trying to grow, he falls asleep ... and awakes to a startling surprise!

The characters in "I Can Grow!" are as charming as their creator, Mrs. Mouse. The story unfolds with delightful ease - the hallmark of excellent writing.

"Most kids' books deal with old themes in new (well, sometimes not so new) ways," said Christine Spindler, "but "I Can Grow!" struck a new chord. It's difficult to explain or pin down. It definitely is a marvellous book and I hope [...she will...] write many, many more! My daughter loved it, too. We're all growing a little bit every day now.

"There is a hidden "lesson" in the book: the importance of confidence. The constant repetition of "I Can Grow!" turns into a mantra for Little Rock - and also for the reader. I've made it a habit now to stretch my arms high above my head and say: "I can grow" when I wake up in the morning. There's no better way to start the day on a positive note and to be prepared for all sorts of personal growth that you can achieve in every waking hour."

The 62 illustrations are available as a free coloring book. Like the cover art, they are bright and optimistic and absolutely endearing.

~Reviewed by Christine Spindler, author of "Faces of Fear" (an inspector Terry novel)

Review #8

"My reviews are mostly positive, written about books I found enjoyable or practical or just plain fun."

A sweet story with soft focus, fun illustrations about a hard little rock that tried with all his might to grow like the flowers around him. It was only when he gave up that he discovered a whole new future.

Our perceptions of ourselves are sometimes molded by what those around us believe, but those perceptions aren't always truth. Though this isn't a "Christian" story, it would make a good starting point to talk about how God makes each one special, and how he has a wonderful plan for each life that we may not even imagine now.

~Reviewed by Carolyn R. Scheidies, author of MY LITTLE BLUE CAR

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