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'I Can Grow!' Cover

"I Can Grow!"

Excerpt - Page 4

Excerpt - Page 14

"I Can Grow!" Excerpt - Page 4:

Picture - Little Rock sits on Red Leaf's middle

Red Leaf said, "I think you are a little rock."
"Why is that?" It asked.
"Because you are small, and brown, and not quite round," Red Leaf replied.

"I Can Grow!" Excerpt - Page 14:

Picture -

"I can grow!" said Crocus on that warm spring day.
It popped out of the ground, and reached for the sky.
"I can grow!" said Daffodil, waving long thin leaves in the breeze.
"I can grow!" said Little Rock sitting in the garden.

"No, you can't," said Crocus.
"Rocks don't grow," said Daffodil.
"I can grow..."
"No, you can't!"
"Yes, I can..."
"Rocks don't grow!"
"But I can," said Little Rock, "if I try hard enough."

All around Little Rock, green shoots were pushing up out of the dirt.
But Little Rock sat still in the garden. It was trying very hard to grow.

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