Mrs. Mouse's Tulip Garden

Here you will find fascinating information about Tulips! Visit the links below.
See what you can learn about the world we live in and enjoy a few games and activities, too.
Then visit Mrs. Mouse's I Can Grow! book page. Read about Little Rock or download a free coloring book.

Wikipedia - Tulip
  Description, Origin, and Cultivation of Tulips, along with graphics.

Google Images
  A cascade of Tulip pictures (over 2,430,000 at last count), from all color and variety

The Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
  April 1st to 30th, includes a Poster Contest, Tours, and fun activities all month long.

Crafts for Kids
  Make paper Tulips with Old Egg Cartons!

  by Barbara Schulman, on the origin of tulips...they may not be from where you think. Tulip etchings.

Gardening Guides
Free PDF eBooks, including one called Let's Grow Tulips!

Garden Hobbies
  A once over lightly guide to the origin, how to grow, and forcing of tulips. Includes some nice links for continuing study.

Container Tulips
  eHow's step by step instructions for growing Tulips in containers, including tips and warnings.

Sunset: A WESTERNER's GUIDE To tulips
  Gardeners can grow tulips in Western states with mild climates if they use the right techniques and choose the right varieties.

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