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Welcome to Mrs. Mouse's Kid's Bedroom

This is the place for kid-friendly FUN from Mrs. Mouse,
links to sites for fun and learning, and activities to print and do.

Color Mrs. Mouse's House!
Click on the link above to see the full-sized Black & White version of Mrs. Mouse's House.
Print & color it any way you choose. Add mice where you wish.

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Print and color a coloring page from Mrs. Mouse's coloring book based on her picture ebook, "I Can Grow!".
And if you want more...?

...Enjoy the whole coloring book...FREE!
Click here to download a free PDF coloring book based on Mrs. Mouse's eBook, "I Can Grow!"

Have some fun exploring these Links from Kids Com!

KidsCom: Write me a Story! -
Try your writing skills, share your imagination, read fun stories
and maybe even get published on the Internet!

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Mousers - For the Young KidsCom Kids!

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Want More?? -
Visit Mrs. Mouse's Family Room for more fun games and activities!

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